The 2021 Season

Latest news and developments

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The 2021 Committee

  • Luke Stevenson - Chairman
  • Ian Huggan
  • Rich Merriman
  • Abi Tether
  • Russ Weir
  • Paul Jackson
  • Darren Walsh
  • Jason Anslow

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2021 Championship Rounds

Sportsman and Pro Championship rounds:

  1. Spring Speed Nationals - 22nd-23rd May
  2. Festival Of Power - 25th-27th June
  3. Summer Nationals - 17th-18th July
  4. Bug Jam - 24th-25th July
  5. Green Light Nationals - 21st-22nd August
  6. National Finals - 25th-26th September


There is a 100 point bonus for attending the first and final event and there is a 100 point bonus for attending all rounds in the season

Each competitor is required to take part in a minimum of three rounds to qualify for the championship

Sponsor logos must be displayed in order to be eligible for any prize fund money.


Heads Up rounds:

  1. VW Breakout - 28th-30th May
  2. Das Auto Show - 15th August
  3. GTI Festival - 10th October

2021 Championship Points


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